A World Where FC Barcelona is in the EPL?

We’ve said it a few times, but Room Temp doesn’t want to get political on listeners – to however many there are of you.

However with the recent activity coming from the Catalonia independence vote, questions are arising about its effect on the soccer world. More specifically, I’m talking about FC Barcelona.

That’s right. To those of you who don’t know, Lionel Messi – arguably the greatest player to walk planet earth – plays here. He’s scored the most La Liga goals of all time, most goals in a calendar year (91), won the Ballon D’or 5 times – I could go on forever. We’ll get to FC Barcelona in a second, though.

Basically here’s what’s happening in Spain right now:

  • Catalonia is the Northeast region of Spain, encompassing a number of cities, namely Barcelona
  • It’s responsible for a good chunk of Spain’s trade and revenue…like a lot of it
  • They’ve called for a vote to secede, something that the Spanish Constitutional court has deemed illegal, saying that a region (like Catalonia) can’t do that without the rest of Spain saying “you’re gucci to vote, go for it hoss”
  • They still held a vote on Sunday, because they believe if Catalonia agrees to leave, it really doesn’t matter what Spain says, ’cause that’d be the whole point of leaving
  • The Spanish government sent 10,000 troops to stop people from voting, which apparently included beating potential voters and controlling polling stations

Beyond all of the social and political effects this will have, it could also affect where Catalonian teams would play their games if they’d no longer be a part of Spain (ergo, the Spanish League). That includes FC Barcelona.

Catalonia’s Sports Minister (<– awesome title), Gerard Figueras, said that all teams in Catalonia would have to decide which league to play in: “the Spanish league or a neighbouring country like Italy, France or the Premier League.”

That means that three teams, Girona FC, Espanyol, and FC Barcelona, could be potentially playing alongside my boys Chelsea and Liverpool in the coming year. That would be fucking sweet.

Wanna know why they should do it? If nothing else, it would be for a considerable increase in cash flow. TV deals for the Premier League are almost triple the second-highest deal (the Bundesliga). That’d be enough to replace Neymar.

I know they bought Ousmane Dembele and Paulinho, but they’re not enough let’s be honest. That’s a whole different story.

And not for anything, the other two clubs would get a huge boost in money coming in. Girona is a team of scrubs, and Espanyol is good for an upset or two throughout the season – so having a lot of extra money wouldn’t hurt.

Obviously, this is looking way down the road, because so much would have to happen before we might see them in a new league.

First of all, the vote has to pass, and Catalonia will have to become its own sovereign region. All the politics will have to be figured out first.

Then, the Catalonian teams would have to want to leave La Liga. Also, the EPL would have to accept and want their addition. This would be the same process if they wanted to join some other league like Italy or France instead.

Then it’d be a matter of: does the EPL want to start these teams in the Prem out of the gate? Or would they have to start in a lower tier first?

A lot of questions, but some interesting happenings to look out for in the coming months. Personally, I think it would be great to be able to watch Messi on Saturday mornings, without having to pay for some stupid Bein Sports subscription.


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