It’s that time of the season again, where the (arguable) two best teams in Spanish Football, as well as the world, face off in “El Clásico.”

It’s Messi v. Ronaldo, Suarez v. Ramos, Navas v. Paulinho…yes I mean that. Paulinho is having the turnaround season he’s been hoping for since leaving Spurs.

Navas just won a CONCACAF Male Player of the year award, which CONCACAF recognized, and actually tweeted at us. So we’re now famous…rolling with the big names.

But in a matchup that is normally one to remember in a season, we’re looking at a potentially broken Real Madrid entering this weekend. I did say potentially.

They’re sitting 11 points behind La Liga leaders Barcelona (with a game in-hand), with Barca having a +16 goal difference advantage over Los Blancos.

Ronaldo has actually struggled this season, if you wanna call it that. Just won his 5 Balon D’or with 50+ goals AGAIN this year. To take him down a peg, Ronaldo only has 4 league goals this season, compared to Messi (14), Suarez (9), and even Paulinho (6).

But just like the Pats, don’t count them out when they seem like they’re struggling. El Clásico is like watching a Divisional game against the Steelers – it’s a whole different ball game. I don’t think form really matters as much in the big games – usually.

But for this game I’m going to predict a 2-1 victory for Barcelona. I think that Barca’s counter attack has been lethal this season, as well as their talisman of Paulinho actually holding shit down in the middle of the pitch, one of their biggest problems last year.

I think Los Blancos take one back, maybe Ronaldo, maybe Isco, but ultimately we’re gonna get a last minute Sergio Ramos header for the tie if not for the crossbar. That’s a specific prediction Matt!…yes. Yes it is.

Btw, I have a bone to pick with big networks over this game. HOW could you….how could you schedule El Clásico at the SAME time as Doncaster Rovers’ game against Bristol City. Bristol City is home to some of the greatest gifs and tweets ever, and this game was going to be yuugge. Prediction for that game: 2-0 Bristol City.

Here’s and example:

Stay toasty.


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