PREMIER LEAGUE IS BACK. Along with all the glory that is top flight English footy an absurd amount of gambling has returned for the next nine months. Yours truly just had a quick layover in Las Vegas and those casinos may or may not have gotten their hooks in my wallet. So here’s a quick over view of some of the more popular season wide bets. Odds on all the teams can be easily found, I picked out the more popular bets and focused on some teams that could make things interesting.


City: 4/6

Liverpool: 9/2

United: 11/1

Chelsea: 16/1

Tottenham: 16/1


City are huge favorites for a reason, their squad depth will be truly laughable when everyone is fully healthy and on top of that they messed around and added Mahrez just for fun. My beloved Liverpool got 20 dollars out of my pocket this past week as I walked starry eyed up to the sports book. Things are looking good for the Liverbirds almost too good (While finishing this it was announced Dejan Lovren is expected to be out for an extended amount of time. That leaves Klopp with one (1) fully fit senior CB, big Virgl. So happy days.) That being said, this is the year folks. I feel like Chelsea is in a prime position to win the league, and should be receiving lots of money especially at those odds, depending on how serious they take the Europa League, players will hopefully be revitalized under Sarri and could take advantage of other teams being spread thin. In closing I have zero idea how United has such good odds, if you even thought about betting on them to win the league this year take the money you were going to spend and toss it on Mou not making it to May.


Top 6


I think there is some money to be made here and it seems that a lot of degenerates out there agree with me. Wolves at 7/1 fresh off a promotion is surprising but with their influx of Portuguese talent down the spine along with some hungry and skilled youths they could make a shock run in their return to the PL. Any money you put on Newcastle making top 6 I would quickly offset by putting money on them being relegated. Rafa is a wizard so part of me is partially convinced some magic in the northeast of England is on its way. That being said, insurance is always smart. Lastly, the little brothers of Merseyside, the blues. They balled out this transfer window and I could see them hanging around that 6/7/8 spot all season waiting for one of the more expected teams to slip up.

Wolves: 7/1

Newcastle: 28/1

Everton: 10/3


Not Top 4

Tottenham: 6/5

Liverpool: 3/1


No signings in a league that is becoming more and more about added depth and improved quality is a BOLD MOVE. I for one think it is going to bite Spurs right in the ass this year. There are lots of miles on the legs of their stars with last years UCL run followed up by a World Cup summer. Things could get very ugly if Kane goes out for an extended amount of time. I’ve supported Liverpool for a decade. I’ve seen it all (well, that a lie but whatever). The pessimism that has been ingrained in me demands that I tell you fine folks that this is Liverpool we’re talking about and heartbreak is the name of the game. So if you want to have some monetary interest in what would be incredible misery for ya boy maybe toss a 20 on the Reds to completely implode this season.


Golden Boot

Kane: 5/2

Salah: 9/2

Aubameyang: 6/1

Aguero: 6/1

Cheeky Bids

Firmino 25/1


Mo Salah is coming off a Ballon d’Or worthy season and my man still gets no respect. The midfield behind him has added a wild amount of quality and his new goalie has distribution that will be top two in the league. Yet here we are with him firmly behind captain “if my teammates did better we’d be in the world cup semi finals” Kane. I’m disappointed in you gambling world. Auba might be the smartest bet money wise here, a whole offseason to prepare of the PL after a bedding in period last spring shapes up for Batman to take the PL by storm this year.




Cardiff 4/7

Huddersfield 11/10
Watford 7/4

Newcastle 7/2

Southampton 6/1

Leicester 12/1


Cardiff city look very prepared to be tourists this season. A year long vacation playing in PL stadiums before getting comfy back home in the Championship, yuck. Newcastle should be getting lots of action, Mike Ashley rewarded another year in the PL with some tiki tac signings that feel a lot like something he felt obligated to do as opposed trying to have some ambition. Rafa truly deserves better. I don’t trust either Southampton of Leicester I am predicting bottom half finishes for the both of them.


That’s all for now folks depending on my state of mind these coming weeks there might be a decent (not very much at all please venmo any money you can) amount of money being thrown around this season. If you feel any need to yell at me about my takes please direct them to Voggel.

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