We Should be More Grateful…

I know sometimes it can be really hard when you’re in the moment of something great, to take a step back and realize how great it really is. I personally have been blessed with an incredible amount of fantastic opportunities in my life, that I’ve often stopped while it’s happening to say “Oh my God, this is amazing.”

Other times I’ve found myself looking back and wishing I had appreciated it more.

We’ve been blessed with the players in sports recently, with the Lebron James’, the Tom Brady’s and such. But to me, as a soccer fan, they pale in comparison to the duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

We’ve seen them dominate every level of soccer since they were younger, and have totaled 1,205 goals, 438 assists between just two players. They’ve won almost every single award imaginable (except a World Cup), and have won almost each of those multiple times.

I remember reading a quote once, I believe it was from Pelé, about comparing Cristiano and Messi. And it went something like “Ronaldo is the most skilled player on the planet. But Messi is not from this planet.” And I love that quote.

Ronaldo just won his 5th Balon D’Or today, arguably the highest award a player can receive at any level. He ties Messi for his 5th. No other players gave gotten close to 5. Johan Cruyff of Ajax and Barcelona, Michel Platini of Juventus and Marco van Basten of Milan each had 3.

Talk about Legendary status. These are the two players who I grew up watching, I literally remember watching-live Messi’s first goal for Barcelona. The assist from Ronaldinho, and that filthy chip – beautiful.

He was like 17 and carving up defenses that players like Raul and Totti were struggling to compete with. Show me a Messi highlight video and I still get so pumped.

Ronaldo was that guy I watched as a kid when he first got signed to Man U. You can see the idol-potential he had even when he was 20. He’d look a defender square in the face, and you could see in his eyes that he was saying: “I’m gonna double-scissor, roulette, and then Ronaldo-chop past you.” And then wouldn’t ya know it? He would.

We’re in that stage of their careers where they might be losing a step or two, here and there. I’m not even bringing up what it’s going to be like when they’re not world class anymore – just know that day is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, or a year or two from now. But it’s happening.

I’m simply writing this to say – be grateful for the talent we’re blessed with now. Learn from them while you can, think of them as aliens playing with us mortals. Before they’re just YouTube clips and legends. Before they come back to Earth lol.

Congrats to Ronaldo on his 5th, and you wonder after a decade of domination when we’ll see another two as powerful as these guys.

For good measure, here’s a highlight vid of the two of them making defenses and walls look like middle schoolers:

At 4:00 is my favorite…

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