Landon Donovan is out of Retirement, joining Liga MX side Leon

BREAKING NEWS: Landon Donovan is coming out of his retirement in order to kick the ball around for a few more years in Liga MX. I guess after he came out of retirement the first time, then re-retired – it wasn’t enough. This is the second time in three years that he’s come out of retirement, officially.

Now, as soccer fans, we know who Donovan is. You know, the most accomplished U.S. player in history, and scored that goal against Algeria:


Needless to say, the man is a legend. He certainly has nothing to prove by coming out of retirement other than that he’s fed up being in the booth.

He also probably got real depressed about the U.S. not making the World Cup, and told himself “I’ve gotta do something about this.”

Also a reminder that the U.S. didn’t make the World Cup.

But not too many details are out about this new contract, like wages, for how long, or what his expected role is to be. All we know is that we’re seeing Landon freaking Donovan back on the pitch to show some young lads how the game should be played.

Seriously, he’ll be playing with people half his age, in an up and coming league, Liga MX. The Mexican league is nothing to scoff at, and has been argued to be better than the MLS.

Leon announced the signing last night, and used the most handsome picture they could find for its post.

I have not too many thoughts on my expectations from him. Honestly this might be one of those things where the club shelled out some money to get some attention, play the man in a few games to get his nut off, and retire again.

But don’t get it twisted – I’m SO here for it.

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