Matchday 23 – Voggel’s Predictions

I told y’all I would start doing these as regularly as possible. Apparently that means waiting two weeks over the FA Cup last weekend – where there were a few surprises, including Nottingham Forest almost losing to Arsenal.

But we’re back in the saddle for Matchday 23 action. We’ve actually got six games on Saturday, 1/13. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about setting an alarm for 7 in the frickin’ morning, because (unless you’re on the West Coast) they don’t begin until 10 a.m.

Burnely is still holding on to its 7th place, after not having a league win in six whole games – that’s a long time. Understandably they dropped points to City last game, 4-1. Before that, they narrowly lost to the Reds, in a stunning 2-1 loss.

But they take on Crystal Palace, who is sitting in 14th, and teetering on that “are they maybe going to get relegated?” position. While I think Palace can sometimes be the problem team, I don’t think that’s the case this week: Burley wins, 2-0. 

Swans play Newcastle, and I won’t spend much time here. Swans NEED wins to stay afloat, and as some consolation (to Pat), they’re going to draw 1-1. That is all.

Moving on to some of the big games.

My Blues play Lye-chester City in Stamford Bridge this Saturday. After two difficult (but not surprising) draws against Arsenal earlier this month, I think that Chelsea is due for a win. Lester is one of those teams that just doesn’t seem to have it all together recently, after we poached Kante and Drinkwater. Chelsea to win, 3-2.

These games have the potential to be good. But they’re scrub games in comparison to the two bugaboos of the week – Tottenham v. Everton and Man City v. Liverpool.

Sammy Ice will need to bring out all the stops in order to really compete with a Spurs team who, has not really blown me away this season. At the end of last year, I thought to myself “Spurs are terrifying, and are potentially setup for success for a number of years to come.”

I’m glad that I said “potential.” Spurs are sitting 3 pts behind 4th, and 2 pts above Arsenal in 6th….for a team that was considered the team to beat last year, that’s not great Bob. They’re tearing up the Champions League, though, and they’re still terrifying.

Harry Kane will inevitably score in this game, and for some reason I also believe Harry Winks will either notch an assist or a goal as well. Everton just doesn’t have enough in the tank at this point in the season with all the crap signings they made in August. Spurs to win, 4-1. 

Lastly, we’ve got the game of the week, in my opinion. City v. Liverpool.

Van Dijk had a great first appearance, in that win against Burnley. Also, they’ve got a great new song, after they finally let go of Coutinho this past week:

But as they’re mourning Coutinho’s passing, and their utter disbelief that the saga is finally over, they have more pressing matters: A City team who hasn’t lost yet. City has a +51 Goal differential, and there’s still 15 games to go in the season – that’s insane.

They’re lethal from Goalkeeper to striker, Silva to Silva, Sterling to Sane. Gabriel Jesus is hurt, but that won’t stop them. This team has played with crazy systematic organization that I haven’t seen since the Invincibles season in ’01.

Do I hope Liverpool can stop them? I’m not sure. I kind of like knowing that Man City is running away with it, and we’re all stuck here wondering how we can compete for 2nd place. But Liverpool can do something – they can at least tie them. They’re not immortal.

Van Dijk will have a very busy day no matter how good the Reds’ attack is going to be. I have a feeling that they’re going to miss Coutinho in this game because, while I think Mane, Salah, and Firmino are world class, they’re not Coutinho.

Man City 3, Liverpool 3. I. want. goals.

As always, I will most likely be wrong. You will also probably find myself and (possibly) Mickey at a pub this Saturday screaming at TV’s wondering why Swansea isn’t winning. It’s because they’re bad.

But until next week’s predictions, hope everyone enjoys the oddly warm weather.


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