Voggel’s Matchday 2 Predictions

It’s happening, folks. Get used to it. While we like to dabble in thingsĀ that require a little more work, sometimes its good to just put some opinions out there. I promise I’ll only hit the (what I think) will be the important games.

We’ve got Matchday 2 coming up here in the middle of August, and following opening weekend I’m excited to see what sorts of changes teams make. For a lot of teams, incorporating new players into the proper systems and lineups can be difficult. One could even say excusable.

But we’re a week removed from the Transfer window closing, and a week further into the season. I’m hoping I can keep this up, but for now – my matchday 2 predictions:

Spurs v. Fulham

I feel bad for Fulham, who made quite the splash in this year’s transfer market. However, that’s a lot of talent to manage for the EPL newcomers. When you only have a week of training to figure it out, and are thrown into a difficult game, things don’t always work out.

Spurs are staying Spurs, in many senses of the word. Pocchettino didn’t make any changes in the market this time around, and we’ll really get a chance to see if that was wise, pretty soon.

However he has a fantastic team at his disposal, and while I do think Fulham will eventually grab some wins and move up in the standings, this won’t be the time to start.

Prediction: 3-0 Spurs

Leicester v. Wolves

Wolverhampton have to be extremely happy with their draw to Everton (2-2) in the opening game. Neves’ free kick was an absolute marvel, and their defense was relatively solid. Richarlson proved to be a great signing for Everton and will be giving teams problems for the season to come, so that’s somewhat acceptable.

While Leicester only made a few moves in the off-season, I do think they’re a team who has struggled to find an identity in the EPL since their amazing season a few years ago. They seem to not know exactly where to fit, be that a mid-table team or slightly higher/lower.

And while they lost to Man U 2-1 on opening day, I don’t think that’s indicative of how good a team they could be, especially with the style of Mourinho.

Prediction: 2-2 Draw. Same story for Wolves here, in my head. Two solid teams playing one another will surely give us some goals. But no real edge here, in my opinion.

Chelsea v. Arsenal

This is the main reason I wrote this article, for obvious reasons. Chelsea Arsenal has always been a dog fight – the two London clubs do not like one another. In the most recent years – “fleeting” might not be the perfect word – but, they have struggled. Sure Chelsea grabbed an EPL championship a few years ago.

But in terms of success in Europe, and now qualification to Champions League, both have lacked.

What hasn’t, is this rivalry. Two new managers, a few new signings, and a new season upon us, this game should be good. The crowds will be nice and loud. It is a bit unfortunate for the Gunners, who have opened against Manchester City, and are now playing Chelsea; a potential 0-2 start on the season.

But Unai Emery is a good manager, and is still working out the kinks in a lineup, as is Sarri. I’m interested to see how this one pans out. For now?

Prediction: 2 – 1 to the Blues. I think the midfield of Kante and Jorginho and (possibly Kovacic) might be too much to handle if they stay consistent. Though I don’t believe this game will be dominated by either team. It should be a good game, in my opinion.

Other games:

West Ham v. Bournemouth: 1-1 Draw

Manchester City v. Huddersfield (pray): 5-1 City

Everton v. Southampton: 2-0 Everton

Burnley v. Watford (this almost made my analyses, but I was too lazy): 2-1 Watford

Brighton v. Man U: 1-0 Manchester

Liverpool v. Crystal Palace: 3-1 Liverpool


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