Week 21 EPL Check-in, from Yours Truly

It’s about time I started to jot down some predictions and thoughts on upcoming EPL fixtures, seeing as though Mickey and myself spend more time doing that than eating or sleeping.

After a lot of beer, and a lot of time on the toilet, I’ve come to my senses before the New Year about the atmosphere of the Premier League.

For those of you who do not religiously watch, let me catch you up on the big teams and their stories:

Manchester City: 1st Place, for forever

Pep has taken the Prem by the balls this season, and has made it 20 games now without a loss, dropping only 2 points in the process. So yeah, they’re really good. Sitting 15 points above 2nd place Man U…15 POINTS..please let that sink in. They’re running away with it, and I should just stop here.

This New Years’ Eve they take on Palace, though I don’t think they’ll be a problem. City wins that 3-0.

Man U: Still alive but barely breathing.

While the Red Devils are sitting comfortably in the back pocket of Guardiola’s Man City, they are in 2nd place and people are forgetting it. What with Mou’s complaints over not spending enough money, and drawing to both Burnley and a Leicester City who were down a man – not to mention the fact that they lost to Bristol City in the League Cup (2-1) – they are nonetheless somehow still a point above Chelsea.

Mou was complaining about paying fullbacks wages like strikers. Maybe if he didn’t hate Luke Shaw so much he would actually play well for him, and the excuses would go elsewhere.

Man U takes on Southampton tomorrow, and I think this game stays closer than people think. 2-1 Manchester.


My guys. Sitting a point behind Man U. In my opinion, they’ve quietly stayed here in this third position for some time. My prediction before the season started was that Chelsea would end up in 4th, which I still think is a possibility. They haven’t played anyone spectacular since Atletico in the Champions League, which was the first week of December.

Even still, they took 5 wins in this month, drawing 2 and losing one to West Ham. Marcos Alonso has proven nothing other than that he can smash a free kick for some reason, and Morata continues to head his way to victory.

They play Stoke City tomorrow, who have a horrible defense. I have faith in the Blues’ ability to get their scoring confidence back. I think Chelsea takes this one comfortably, 3-1.


I like Liverpool this season. So does Mickey. They just acquired Van Dijk (coming Jan. 1), and are rumored to be getting Leon Goretzka, in addition to Keita in July. That’s lethal if you watch Liverpool. So far the story has been the attacking prowess of the Reds, led by Salah, Coutinho, Mane and Firmino.

The big question, and haggard story, is if Coutinho will be leaving next month. That remains to be seen, but if Van Dijk lives up to his $75 mill contract, he’s exactly what they needed. They’re all attack and not a lot of defense. They figure that out, people should be terrified of them in the coming months and years.

They play Leicester this weekend, and I think also take this 3-1.

Tottenham and Arsenal

I’ve decided to lump these together for a few reasons. One: these teams are tied on points for some wild reason, I didn’t even think that was a thing. Two: I think that these teams and their rivalry run deep, and their forms in the Premier League are akin to one another.

They are currently tied with one another on points (37), with a heavy goal difference advantage for Tottenham, by 7.

Tottenham, who recently tied and beat Real Madrid in the Champions League, just murdered Southampton on Boxing Day, 5-2, and notched Harry Kane’s position as the highest EPL scorer in a calendar year. We get it – Harry Kane is the next coming of Jesus and is here to save Spurs from whatever doom they face.

Sure. They’re still in 5th place, and haven’t been nearly as electric of a team as their competitors like Man City, Man U and Liverpool.

Arsenal, on the other hand, is such a weird team to look at. They went way beyond caring at the beginning of the season, with Ozil and Sanchez looking likely to leave, and then I think they just got tired of watching horrible performance after horrible performance, and just started banging in goals.

They lost 3-1 to Man U, which was actually pretty surprising given Mourinho’s past against big teams, and drew Liverpool, one of the (other than City) hottest teams in the League.

So who the hell knows with them, they might somehow squeak out a new contract for the two, though I hope they don’t. It’s just sad watching Wenger on the sideline nowadays. He looks so confused, someone needs to escort that man back to the retirement home.

Spurs don’t play the Swans ’til 1/2, but God help them. 5-0 spurs win.

Gunners play West Brom, and I think this one will be comfortable for them, 2-0.

Either Mickey or myself will be getting you all these predictions hopefully on a weekly basis moving forward, to keep you all up to date if you don’t have the time. Stay toasty everyone, it’s cold as Hell outside.

Go Burnley. 2-1 over Huddersfield Town, btw.


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